The Administration

The administration is the central and most important part of our organization. It mainly consists of the performance or management of all our future endeavors and operations that need attention and require a decision to be taken upon. Its main purpose is to organize people and direct all our resources in the desired manner for the achievement of our goals and objectives. The task of our administration unit starts from the planning aspect for the future. It mainly establishes the short term and long term goals that need to be achieved in the future. Therefore, all the resources need to be directed for their fulfillment. The planning follows up the organizing of the responsibility that needs to be delegated and decentralized to various departments of our organization. For this purpose, the right kind of people at the right time with the right resources must be managed. So staffing follows up organizing task. Therefore, our administration unit takes care of the staff that should be recruited with the best qualification and experience so that our organization does not compromise on any aspect. But to keep it going a proper system of co-ordination can only be maintained if there is absolute direction for the achievement of the goals. Therefore, allocation of resources in the proper manner is also maintained by the administration unit. The follow up task of controlling is also taken care of. All the finances and the budget for future expenditure and incomes are also maintained by it. Thus, we can say that administration is the heart of our organization.