“Having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer” is the success keys of an organization and logistics is the right path to achieve it. The Union Oceanic Corporation is a global leader on oceanography emphasizing on bioresearch, defense matters, oceanic exploitation, seasettling, marine science and sustainable energy. Thus, for this purpose it requires an excellent team of experienced researchers, technical personnel, renowned engineers and world class technology. And all these resources are needed to be at the right place at the right time. Else the task undertaken won’t be a success. Keeping this in view, we have a promised logistics unit in our organization that has an expertise staff that maintains a proper record of all the resources that exist in the organization and those which need to be replaced sooner. Thus, mainly the task of our logistics unit is to keep a track off all the resources and personnel and make them available in such a manner that they are at the right place at the right time. The main targets of logistics are performance and cost. They are high due date reliability, short delivery times, low inventory level and high capacity utilization. But while taking decisions, there is always a trade off between performance and cost. This is what makes being a logistician challenging and interesting. Therefore, we have paid an immense importance to this unit for the achievement of our goals and objectives.