The Intelligence Unit is responsible for gathering, analyzing and reporting relevant information at the right time to the right people. All decisions at UOC should be based on top-quality intelligence. The goal of Intelligence Unit of UCO is to collect and investigate information regarding any threat or any enemy forces thoroughly. The Intelligence Unit is responsible to plan the defense operations. The human intelligence officer guides the team against enemy soldiers by providing useful information. The officers of Intelligence Unit of UCO collect all important information via satellite and unmanned aerial vehicles. It is the responsibility of the Intelligence Unit to set the goals of every mission, determine the team to be involved in the project and essential equipment to be used for the operation. The intelligence Unit has to analyze all the information gathered regarding any staff member or any unknown person. It is the duty of the intelligence analysts to summarize all the information for creating a wide picture of forces of enemy. The picture will be beneficial for the defense division to locate the exact location, composition and strength of the enemy forces. The intelligence unit is required to prepare its reports on its findings and conduct briefings on them. The intelligence unit has to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. The Intelligence Unit is dedicated to ensure the safety of the seasettling by analyzing the information regarding any threat or danger to the inhabitants of the seasettling.